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General Terms and Conditions for "" services


Declaration on copyright and data protection for participants in ISRSM activities


Dear users of the services

We want to make sure that you understand and accept ISRSM copyright and data protection policy since your agreement is required for you to participate in ISRSM activities. Terms and conditions, as may be amended from time to time, apply to all our services directly or indirectly. By accessing, browsing and using our website or any of our applications, you acknowledge and agree to have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions set out below. This Declaration explains what you agree to:




I.Copyrights and patent rights


The copyrights of the Macedonian standard and standardization documents belong to ISRSM and any reproduction, distribution and resale, without the consent of ISRSM, is banned and the same is subject to penalty sanctions in accordance with the Law of Copyright and other Related Rights. Pursuant to the Law on Standardization, the Macedonian Standard is issued as a separate publication and the copyrights belong to ISRSM. The documents published on the ISRSM web-site are also subject to the same conditions as the ISRSM publications. Any use of the documents, including partial copying or full text use on a different web-site, is not allowed without prior approval by ISRSM. By using the services of the, you have permission to use password protected web applications that allows you to access the content of the national standards, purchasing of standards, and the possibility to vote and submit comments to the draft national standards. Please note that in this text “standard” includes all ISRSM deliverables such as technical specifications, technical reports, guides, amendments’ and other publications. Furthermore, you may participate in drafting ISO and ISO/IEC standards and you may submit content to the ISO and ISO/IEC standards development process. By participating in the ISO standards development process you get access to all kinds of information filed during this process such as standards and their drafts, content, etc. Content can be any kind of content submitted in the standards development process, such as publications, documents, text, figures, images, software, etc., to be considered for inclusion in ISRSM standards. You agree that:

1) The full copyright in all ISRSM standards and their drafts shall be owned by ISRSM.

2) Content, such as publications, documents, text, figures, images or other content that you submit to the ISRSM standards development process may be copyright protected. Copyright in such content remains with the initial copyright owner. If you offer such content, you undertake to declare this to ISRSM, identify the name of the copyright holder and assist ISRSM in obtaining appropriate permission to i) share the content in the standards development process, ii) to publish the content, or parts thereof, in original or modified form in ISRSM standards and iii) to exploit the content as part of an ISRSM standard according to ISRSM practice. If you or the organization you are representing own/s the copyright in the content, such permission is implicitly granted to ISRSM, upon submission of the content to the standards development process. You or the organization you are representing as Licensor warrants that the Work is yours original work not copied wholly or substantially from any other work or material and that you or the organization you are representing are the beneficial owners having the right to grant this permission (License).

Furthermore you or the organization you are representing as participants in ISRSM standards processes are invited to submit, notification of any relevant patent rights of which you are aware and to provide supporting documentation.

3) You agree to respect copyright in the standards, draft standards, and content of others submitted to the standards development process. You are allowed to share the standards and drafts thereof within the standards development process according to ISRSM copyright policy, which does not permit you to post standards and drafts thereof on the Internet for free public access.


4) Participation in the drafting of the standards, and content to the standards development process, are provided without any payment by ISRSM to you or any third party.

5) Full copyright includes but is not limited to the exclusive right of reproduction, distribution, making available to the public, translation, adaptation, in any existing or future electronic or printed format, for the entire term of copyright protection.

II. Data Protection

ISRSM are bound by an ISRSM Policy protecting the personal data of everyone participating in the ISRSM system. By participating in ISRSM activities (e.g. accessing IT Tools, attending meetings) you agree that:

1) Your personal data may be collected, used, shared, and archived for standardization and related activities in the world with a view (i) to facilitating international exchange of goods and services and (ii) to developing cooperation in the spheres of intellectual, scientific, technological and economic activity. Personal data includes: name, e-mail address(es), postal address(es), telephone number(s), national role, stakeholder category. Essentially, this means that your data will be shared to help you collaborate with others. It will not be used for commercial purposes without your explicit consent.

2) Your personal data may be accessed, transferred and used in countries with laws that may not guarantee the same level of data protection.


3) The participant undertakes to use the information he or she receives within the electronic applications (create an user account), solely as intended to support the standards development work, to desist from exploiting the information for other purposes, and to respect data protection and copyright rules and regulations. This obligation on the participant survives termination of his or her participation in the ISRSM systems.

The rules that apply to user accounts:

           Open accounts are owned by ISRSM

           The user has the right to open and use only one account

           Any false representation on behalf of another person or entity is permited,

           It is not allowed to use inappropriate user names. ISRSM reserves the right to delete or disable a user account without notice

The rules that apply to commenting process. It is forbidden to:

           To use obscene or offensive language,

           Advertising, non thematic content,

           Infringement of copyright or publishing articles relating to one's patent rights,

           The collection and disclosure of personal information,

           The username and password is personal, and shall not be passed on to unauthorized persons.


III. Compliance

You agree to respect the relevant ISRSM policies and applicable laws in Republic of North Macedonia concerning copyright and data protection, as well as the ISRSM patent policy that is set out in ISRSM internal regulations.

IV. End of participation

You remain bound by these obligations even after your participation in standards development work ends.


V. Applicable Law

The law applicable shall be exclusively law in the Republic of North Macedonia.

VI. General use of the website

We reserve the right to modify or delete at any time and without notice any content, services and information that are published in this website, as well as limit or modify these terms and conditions. Any modification will take effect as from the date of publishing and will bind any user accessing the page subsequent to publication. These terms may be saved and printed by the user using the "Print" function of the browser.