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The Procedure for provision of information in the field of standards - notification prescribed with the 98/34/EC European Directive, amended by the 98/48/EC Directive, transposed in the Macedonian legislation into Decree for the procedure of notifying the European Commission on the adoption of non-harmonized regulations, technical specifications and standards hasthe purpose of:


  • Creation and maintenance of transparency in the EU
  • Prevention of the creation of new technical barriers to trade
  • Support and development of the European standardization

With application of this Directive, the national standardization bodies which are members of CEN and CENELEC and the national standardization bodies which are candidates for full CEN and CENELEC membership, mutually inform each other of the newly developed national standards or changes of national standards, unless they are not identical or equivalent to international or European standards.

Observing this obligation, it is necessary that ISRSM regularly inform the European standardization bodies of the new national standards at the very beginning of their development.


WTO TBT Enquiry point


The Ministry of Economy, which is a competent central coordinative body of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, responsible for the implementation and realization of the Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade of WTO (WTO TBT), determined ISRSM as the WTO TBT Enquiry point with the "Decree for the notification procedures for standards, technical regulations and procedures for evaluation of conformity and sanitary and phyto-sanitary measures ("Official Gazette of the Republic of North Macedonia" No 8/05).

Pursuant to this Decree, the Info Center provides information regarding:

  • the proposed and/or adopted national technical regulations or standards;
  • the proposed and/or adopted procedures for conformity evaluation.