Standardization Institute
of the Republic of North Macedonia
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Basic terminology

What is standard

A standard is a document prepared with consensus and adopted by a recognized body, that provides, for common and repeated use, rules, guidelines or characteristics for certain activities or their results, aimed at the achievement of the optimum degree of order in a given context;

Basic goal and principles of standardization

The goals of the Macedonian standardization include: promotion of quality and increase of the level of product safety, procedures and services, contributes to the improvement of the quality of life and people's health, property safety and protection and the environment and nature.

Benefits from the standards

Reminder of the significance of standardization and its influence over everyday life can be the example of a passenger who has to carry a suitcase full of adapters when traveling from one country to another.

Macedonian standard

A Macedonian standard is a standard adopted by the Standardization Institute of the Republic of North Macedonia (ISRSM) and it is available to the public.

Preparation of Macedonian standards

Standards are prepared by observing the principle of consensus by the technical committees consisting of the interested parties – representatives of the industry, state bodies, academic institutions and consumers.

Who prepares the Macedonian standards

The professional work in the field of standardization is carried out by the Technical Boards and technical working bodies: Technical Committees and Working Groups. The Technical Boards and technical working bodies work on the preparation of standards.

ISRSM Enquiry – Public comment at national level

Once the draft of an Macedonian Standard (MKC) is prepared, it is released for public comment, a process known as the ISRSM Public Enquiry. The public enquiry is a vital stage in the development of a Macedonian Standard, as it allows a wide range of stakeholders to participate in the process.