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SMEs as drivers of green growth: Turning challenges into opportunities with standards


Aspiring to become the world’s first climate-neutral continent, the European Commission launched the European Green Deal setting out an ambitious environment policy agenda for the coming years. SMEs make up 99% of all businesses in the EU and thus they are an essential partner of the EU to steer our economy towards a circular model. SMEs are increasingly aware of the benefits of circular business models and clean production which have shown to bring significant cost reductions. Nevertheless, several enabling factors and conditions are necessary to speed up the transition and further foster SMEs’ green innovation and growth.

Standards have also an important role to play by supporting the practical implementation of these objectives. They can provide test and assessment methods and metrics on different aspects such as durability, reparability or energy efficiency. Standards can also help to promote more sustainable products and services and open markets for new products and technologies.

This year’s conference will focus on the opportunities and challenges of the circular economy for SMEs and show how standards support the green transition. It will explore possible gaps and barriers of the current standardisation and legislative system. The conference will also highlight the role of data and digital technologies to show how the green transformation goes hand in hand with the digital one ("twin transition").

How can SMEs and standards contribute to the implementation of the European Green Deal? What are the gaps in the present standardisation system and what could be changed to achieve the green transformation of the EU economy? What can businesses do to cut pollution and reduce waste while remaining profitable? Can the circular economy enable SME recovery? What are the trade-offs between different criteria (cost, sustainability)? 

Join us for the seventh edition of our flagship event gathering the SBS network and participants from all horizons, including policy-makers, entrepreneurs and key stakeholders involved in the standards development process! 

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